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Assess your Privacy-by-Design maturity, identify weaknesses, and develop an improvement path through our focus area maturity model designed by the AI Lab for Public Services of Utrecht University


Focus Area Maturity Models

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Strengths & Weaknesses

Focus area maturity models identify leading and lagging focus areas.

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Increased Granularity

Dividing organisational practices into focus areas allows for detailed insight into maturity.

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Concrete Improvement

The higher granularity combined with capability dependencies allow for the formulation of a natural development path towards higher maturity levels.

The model

A focus area maturity model
for Privacy-by-Design

The privacy-by-design focus area maturity models identifies 14 focus areas with a total of 60 capabilities spread over 10 maturity levels. The unique dependency structure provides a natural development order and guides organisations in formulating a development path to grow to the next level.

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The process

Generate maturity reports

Our web-based tool allows you to perform an assessment and automatically generates a maturity report for your organisation. Wonky spreadsheets that are difficult to interpret are relics of the past. Perform the assessment, download the generated PDF-report and share the maturity results with stakeholders to start the discussion on privacy-by-design maturity within your organisation today!

The research

Academia meets industry

Maturity models from the industry often lack theoretical grounding, while scientific models tend to be theoretical only without incorporating practical experiences. The AI Lab for Public Services of Utrecht University brings academia and industry together to get the best of both worlds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy-by-design is a development paradigm that prescribes the embedding of privacy in the life cycle of systems, processing activities, and data. It stimulates the early consideration of privacy issues and trade-offs in order to avoid sub-optimal and expensive solutions.

A maturity model is an artifact that allows an assessor to determine the level of development or accomplishment of an organisation in a particular domain. Focus area maturity models distinguish themselves from the conventional CMM-type models by not using a set number of maturity levels. They use a unique dependency structure to determine the number of levels organically and provide a more granular overview by splitting the domain into focus areas.

Privacy-by-design is relevant when privacy must be considered in the processing of personal data. This model can help any organisation that processes personal data and has the intention to actively start improving their privacy practices in order to reach a more advanced level of accomplishment.

Performing an assessment allows you to gain insight into where your organisation stands. Once you have a maturity assessment, your organisation can formulate a maturity ambition and start to implement the suggested improvement actions to reach the next level. The purpose of reaching higher maturity is to improve the organisation's services, value propositions, and ability to reach organisational goals.

We provide a maturity assessment service that allows you to perform a self-assessment by indicating whether a number of capabilities are implemented in your organisation. The results of this assessment will provide you with an overall maturity level and an overview of all focus areas and their individual level of development.

No! Continuous validation and evaluation are employed to improve the model. Everyone is invited to participate in these efforts by answering additional evaluation questions. If you do not wish to participate, please make sure you select that you do not wish to participate, you will be able to just perform the assessment.